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CQT Strategic : Update on Health Measures
10 janvier 2022 | PARTAGER :        

Par Thomas BOUGET - Agent de communication

The CQT team resumed activities on January 5th and since then we have been working on supporting the theatre community as quickly as possible in order to clarify certain misunderstandings which have surfaced regarding emergency assistance measures and health regulations currently in effect.
Here are some of the answers to questions that have been frequently raised :

To begin with, in reference to rehearsals in theatres :
- The government standards say that it is possible to use the premises "for a production, audiovisual filming or for the recording of a performance (without an audience)", we understand that rehearsals are included in these exceptions.
- So far, sanitary standards for rehearsals have not changed since the tightening of the measures.
- We urge you to be doubly cautious considering the highly contagious nature of the Omicron variant. This implies reducing contact and not skimping on distancing, ventilation of spaces and even, possibly, wearing a double mask.
Next,  with regard to the Mesure particulière à la diffusion de spectacles :

We have heard several concerns expressed which stem from the criterion that stipulates that a performance can only be compensated once for a cancellation and once when it is offered. CALQ has confirmed that this rule only applies to the current phase (in this case January 2022 to March 2022). It will therefore be possible to request support from this Policy for a cancelled show that had already been compensated last winter, for example. In addition, once a reopening date has been set, theatres will have one month's grace in order to plan a reopening at their own speed.

Canada Workers' Lockdown Benefit :

The federal government announced on December 22 that it would expand access to the Canada Workers' Lockdown Benefit (CWLB). For now, the support covers the period from December 19, 2021, to February 12, 2022. "The benefit will provide income support of $300 per week to eligible workers who are directly affected by a COVID-19-related containment action imposed by a public health authority and, as a result, have lost 50% or more of their income."


At the time of this communication, there are no policy meetings scheduled. We are currently focusing our energies on assessing the situation and considering what actions need to be taken in the coming days. However, we can assure you that the communication channels are constantly open and that when we ask the organizations or the ministries, we get quick answers. Therefore, we encourage you to write to us at any time if you need clarification on any particular aspect.

An exhausting situation :

We are also aware that the current situation is exhausting and that the year 2022 is not starting as we had hoped. These events have disrupted the recovery we have been waiting for, for several months. Since our return, we have been actively pursuing a variety of perspectives in order to provide the most detailed look at the situation, and as such, we encourage you to write to  to share your thoughts, recommendations or concerns.

Listening lines : 

Additionally, even though access to mental health resources is insufficient and constitutes a major issue, there are many listening lines to help individuals in case of emergency.
Écoute - Entraide: Montreal: 514 278-2130 Toll free: 1 855 ONLINE (365-4463)
Tel-Aide: 514 935-1101
Tel-Écoute: 514 493-4484
Tel-Seniors: 514 353-2463
Tel-Youth: 1 800 263-2266 - Text: 514 600-1002
Le Havre: 514 982-0333
Suicide Action Montreal: 514 723-4000 - Elsewhere in Quebec: 1 866 APPELLE (277-3553)


We welcome and encourage you to follow the development of the situation, notably through our various social networks. We regularly share the most recent updates related to the current conditions.
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