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Prix Sentinelle Awards 2024
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Call for applications for the 2024 edition

Deadline for applications: February 23, 2023


Each year, the Conseil québécois du théâtre invites theatre professionals and organizations to submit nominations for the Prix Sentinelles.


These awards highlight the essential contribution of cultural workers in the development of Quebec's theatrical arts. The Prix Sentinelles are presented each year on World Theatre Day, March 27th.


Behind-the-scenes workers are both passionate and diligent and are essential partners to our artistic teams. The CQT honours these roles, such as management, administration, communication, broadcasting, production, technical and mediation, all of which are a part of the broad kaleidoscope of professions working in the theatre.


The Prix Sentinelles


Career Award


Candidates should have:

  • A 25-year career as a cultural worker in the theatre industry.
  • Worked in organizations, companies, as presenters, with festivals or educational schools.
  • A career path that has made a significant contribution and has left a considerable legacy to the theatre community.


Sustainable Commitment Award


Candidates have:

  • Been practicing their profession in the theatre for at least 5 years.
  • Demonstrated a sustained commitment to the cultural worker, whether in professional organizations, companies, as presenters, in festivals or professional schools.
  • Demonstrated that their professional accomplishments and initiatives are innovative and have helped shape the development of Quebec theatrical arts.



Although a person can be both a cultural worker and have an artistic practice, only achievements as a cultural worker are to be highlighted and will be taken into consideration. 


Please also note that nominations submitted in previous years, and which did not receive an award, may be submitted again.


Multiple applications may be submitted by the same sponsor. If there is any doubt about the eligibility of candidates or sponsors, please contact Marie-Michelle Demers by phone at 514-559-6625 or by email at


Eligible candidates are cultural workers from:

  • Theatre companies
  • Theatre Festivals
  • Venues for the presentation and dissemination of theatre
  • Professional associations in the theatre sector
  • Professional theatre schools

Field of expertise:

  • General management
  • Administration
  • Communication
  • Distribution
  • Production
  • Technique
  • Mediation


Not eligible:

  • Individuals sitting on the CQT Outreach and Promotion Committee and the Jury
  • CQT staff
  • Members of the CQT Board of Directors
  • Legal entities


What documents do I need to submit to apply?


The application form must include the following information:

  • A cover letter signed by the applicant's sponsor.
  • Two letters of support for the application demonstrating broad recognition from peers in the theatre community.
  • A curriculum vitae illustrating the professional skills of the cultural worker consistent with the criteria required for nomination for the each of the awards.
  • OPTIONAL - A maximum of 6 pages of supporting documents (supporting material, press articles, texts published on or by the nominee, etc.).

How do I send my application?

  • The nomination file must be sent in PDF format as a single document;
  • Applications must be sent by e-mail to, to the attention of the Prxi Sentinelle Selection Committee; 
  • The subject of the e-mail must specify whether the nomination is for the Career Award or the Sustainable Commitment Award.


Who can submit an application?

The application file must be prepared and submitted by a depository or group of depositories and not by the same candidate. 


Several applications may be submitted by the same custodian.


Deadline for applications

The deadline for applications is February 23, 2023.



Applications will be reviewed by a jury of a minimum of five people, all of whom are currently working in the theatre community. The jury will be bound by confidentiality in all its deliberations and decisions.


Announcement of the winners

The winners will be announced at World Theatre Day (WTD) on March 27th.


Previous winners

CAREER AWARD 2023 - Pierre Tremblay

2022 - Jean Guy Côté

2021 – Eudore Belzile

2020 – Chuck Childs 

2019 – Anne-Marie Provencher 

2018 – Alain Grégoire

2017 – Louise Duceppe

2016 – Louisette Charland

2015 – Marc Gourdeau

2014 – Marie-Hélène Falcon

2014 – Marthe Boulianne

2013 – Jacques Vézina    


Caisse Desjardins du Plateau-Mont-Royal

2022 - Manon Claveau

2021 - Emma Tibaldo

2020 – Caroline Lavoie 

2019 – Jasmine Catudal


Caisse de la Culture

2018 – Mellissa Larivière

2017 – Michel Tremblay

2016 – Samuel Patenaude


2015 – Marcelle Dubois



Caisse Desjardins du Plateau-Mont-Royal

2013 – David Lavoie

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