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Toolkit for elections
18 octobre 2021 | PARTAGER :        

Par Javier Garcia - Responsable des communications

By their nature, municipal elections represent a great challenge in terms of political representation for the CQT. A total of 198 municipalities are in the process of elections at the moment, each with its own priorities and particularities.
Wishing to encourage the theater community as well as cultural organizations to participate and actively defend their interests during this election period, the CQT has developed with the help of Bête féroce agency, a toolbox made up of several materials such as: letter templates, tips and other resources, designed specifically for cultural NPOs. This free toolkit is open to everyone!

Prepare a list of questions for the different candidates!

In order to know the positioning of the different candidates on your key issues, it is essential to write a list of questions. Those questions can be presented to the various candidates during debates and public assemblies, or by sending them an email or a letter.

Below you will find a guide to writing the list correctly:


Speaking out in an election campagin   
The electoral period is the perfect time to ask political parties, candidates (then elected officials) to make clear commitments in terms of cultural policy. You should therefore take advantage of this window to publicly express your issues of interest and your fears. Develop a small strategy to better position your agenda of priorities.

Below you will find a guide on how to prepare to speak!

Letter templates

The CQT has prepared several letter templates so that you have an idea of ​​how you should write a letter of meeting with a candidate or a letter of demands.

Below you will find the template in Word format so that you can use it immediately and adjust it to your liking.

Letter template to candidate
Letter template to meet the candidate
Letter template  to meet the elected candidate

Directory of regional and municipal contacts for representation

The CQT has prepared a list of the main regional and municipal organizations that could help you in your political participation process.

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