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Winner of the Prix Sentinelle 2020 from the Conseil québécois du théâtre
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Chuck Childs and Caroline Lavoie
Winners of the 2020 Sentinel Awards

In this 9th. year of these Awards, (which is a special edition due to health reasons), on the eve of its Annual General Meeting, the Conseil québécois du théâtre, is honouring two persons whose passion and perseverance are essential to the artistic creative process.  These awards are traditionally presented at World Theatre Day celebrated on March 27th.  but this year were postponed due to the Health Crisis.

The Sentinel Awards highlight the indispensable contribution of cultural workers to the development of Quebec's theatrical art.  In the current situation of the pandemic, this contribution has been and remains crucial and the CQT wants to take this opportunity to salute all those people who continue to keep this amazing theatrical machine running until things see better days and beyond.

Winner of the Career Sentinel Award
Caisse Desjardins du Plateau-Mont-Royal

Involved with Centaur Theatre since 1978 as Production Director and then as General Manager, Chuck Childs has supervised over one hundred productions on two stages, including one international tour and three national tours. Chuck has taught at the National Theatre School of Canada for over 20 years as well as at Concordia and McGill Universities. In other capacities, he has served on the boards of directors of several cultural organizations and has helped to ensure the recognition and support of the English cultural community and bringing together the French and English-speaking artistic milieus.

"Chuck brings immense joy, passion and experience to every moment of his work in the theatre. He also believes that theatre matters, and that belief has fuelled his devotion to keeping Centaur Theatre alive and well and living into the 21st century."
Eda Holmes, Centaur Theatre's Artistic and Executive Director
"Beyond the rich emulation of his strong theatrical presence in the Anglophone community, one must emphasize, among other things, his great contribution to bringing together the Francophone and Anglophone artistic communities. His contributions favouring multiple collaborations go far beyond Centaur Theatre's activities alone, which have resulted in the realization of fruitful co-productions or co-presentations’’. 
Claude Des Landes, Consultant
"In more recent years, Chuck was one of the founding board members of ELAN, and its president from 2009-12. It is a challenge to create a new arts organization, particularly one bringing together a diversity of artistic disciples and expectations’’ 
Guy Rodgers, Elan's Executive Director
"However, beyond his longevity and endurance, the real reason to confer this award on Charles is recognition of the unparalleled generosity he has shown and continues to show towards those around him. His openness to sharing his knowledge, resources and time with young community members has inspired dozens of us to work as colleagues, rather than competitors. His passion for art, for practice, and for the people of this community is a fire that keeps us all warm at all times and remains unshakeable’’.
Jon Rondeau, Executive Director, Segal Centre for Performing Arts

Winner of the Sentinel Sustainable Commitment Award
Caisse Desjardins du Plateau-Mont-Royal

Trained in performance in the Theatre Option of CEGEP Lionel-Groulx and now an artistic mediator, facilitator and trainer, Caroline Lavoie has been contributing for more than 20 years to the qualitative development of audiences and the democratization of creative theatre. Passionate about the theatre, she has an unconditional love and deep respect for artists and their approaches. By accompanying presenters in the implementation of their artistic mediation activities, she builds bridges between audiences and artists and their works.
"Intuitively, she knows how to bring out the magic of creation and give meaning to simple encounters. And each time, everyone comes out of the process galvanized, demonstrating how contagious her passion is and how welcome her rigor and relevance is’’.
Manon Morin, General Manager, Les Voyages - touring creative theater
Philippe Ducros, General and Artistic Director, HOTEL-MOTEL PRODUCTIONS
"With Caroline everything starts from the heart. Her approach is frank, direct, and without deviations. She never places herself in front of the creators or above the public. She has the gift of creating real exchanges and raising the level of discussion...".
Philippe Lambert, Artistic and General Director, Théâtre La Licorne/La Manufacture
"By accompanying the presenters through different training courses, by designing key mediation meetings for them and by providing them with the necessary support, we can help them achieve their goals’’.

The Lampes Sentinelles which are presented to the winners are the creations of Jonas Veroff Bouchard, Set Designer, Props Designer, Lighting Designer and artist lampist.

The Conseil québécoise du théâtre wishes to sincerely thank its partner.


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